Orange Nectar Juice 1 lt.

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Juice, Fruit Juice
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Shelf Life:
12 months
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Packaging Details
Per unit is being packed in Aseptic Square Brik carton package.
12x1000 ml in a carton box.


 52 / 221 (kcal) / (Kj)


 0,15 (g)


 12,4 (g)


 0,05 (g)

 Vitamin C

 15,2 (mg)

 Vitamin A

 0,202 (mg)


Orange is good for several matters such as but not limited to preventing cancer, cleaning the blood, activating liver, glorifying the skin and preventing abnormal births. Orange reduces the risk of catching some cancer species to the minimum: as the scientific researches provide, people who consume orange at big amount form the group which catches stomach and pancreas cancer risk.


  • The orange with the high rate of vitamin C content increases body’s resistance against diseases, because it has a fatal effect on some virus species. 
  • Orange strengthens and supports capillary vessels and accelerates blood circulation in the system formed by these vessels and prevents embolism. Its cholesterol reducing specification, orange is the friend of our hearts.
  • Moreover, the rich content of potassium helps reduce high blood pressure. Being a rich fruit with vitamins C and B, orange provides human with dynamism.
  • The vitamin C content of fruit makes venules and thick vessels remain soft.
  • Orange prevents embolism. Researches have further proven that C and E vitamins and beta-carotene in orange have anti-embolic effect.
  • Increase body resistance.
  • Helps purify and clean the blood. Folate which is another kind of vitamin B helps build healthy blood.
  • Promotes digestion.
  • Gives energy. Thiamin and folate are abundantly available in orange. Thiamin or vitamin B1 is effective on generation of energy.
  • Researches revealed that the Peripheral artery disease-PAD in the legs is the result of the fat buildup in the arteries and promotes the risk of heart attacks and paralysis. Researches proved that people with Peripheral artery disease-PAD lack vitamin C in comparison to those who have no Peripheral artery disease-PAD.
  • Orange contains vitamin B derivatives folac and folic acids as well. Folic acid is necessary for pregnant women particularly through the first three months of pregnancy since it prevents abnormalities such a Spina Bifida in babies.
  • Orange promotes red blood cells formation and in the same time it provides smooth absorption of nutrient agents in foods by the body. 
  • The Orange protects body from catching cold, flue, hurt, heart diseases and paralysis. The antioxidant agent named bioflavine strengthens the arteries and venules and protects heart from damage and provides faster curing of bruises and contusion. Thanks to vitamin C and folic acid, orange reduces coughing. It also has blood clotting and stomach and pancreas cancer prevention effect. The high potassium percentage in orange promotes blood pressure balancing. Orange prevents skin drying and bruising, relieves gripe gasses, promotes removal of parasites from the intestines, lets liver function regularly and increases bile secretion.


A small glass of orange juice contains more than 150% of vitamin C a woman would need per day. The flavanoids in the orange along with vitamin C promotes immunity and strengthens blood arteries.